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Calavera Skull Coin Purse

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Add a little flare to your day with our gorgeous Calavera Skull Coin Purses. They're all handmade and uniquely designed. They feature an embroidered pattern, cotton lining and a skull tassel zipper. These coin purses are stunning! They're bright, bold and a tad fun. A great gift for a loved one or for yourself, just cos! 

Approx Length: 5" (13cm)
Approx Width: 0" (0cm)
Approx Height: 4" (9cm)

This product is Handmade by our Artisans from the Hmong Hill Tribe Communities. The purchase of this product goes towards supporting economic developments within their villages. All the artisans are paid a living wage. You are directly supporting Fair Trade and ethical fashion. This item ships from Auckland, New Zealand.