Why Sandy Days?

I grew up in a small town on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. It was a great little town that had a great bakery, one supermarket, and a park that had a tractor in it. I used to dream of travelling the world, exploring ancient ruins, and basking in the sun on remote tropical islands. One day I decided that I needed to make my dreams happen. But I doubted. I thought that I couldn't get what i'd desired for so many years growing up in my tiny little town because that stuff only happens to other people.  

I am a dancer. I studied dance at University and received my Masters in Creative Performing Arts with first class Honors in 2011. Walking across the stage was a defining moment, leaving me feeling like 'hey maybe I can do this'. Do life, do it well. You see I had failed every single level of my High School life, every single year. But I stuck it out, mainly because I didn't have anything else better to do at the time. That's why I encourage every person I work with that if I can achieve a Masters Degree with Honors then they can too, or achieve whatever they set their mind too. 

I realised one day that things don't just happen, we need to make them happen. And as I sit here in a rather loud suburban Cafe, listening to the Backstreet Boys I might add, I think and feel that its only right to live my best life, now. I had a dream over ten years ago, to own a fashion business. I had always worked for other retail companies, settling in to the realisation that i'd always be helping someone else live their dream. That was great for abit but it weighed on me, on my creativity, my conscience and the direction I wanted to take in life.

I loved growing up in my small town on the Kapiti Coast, climbing trees, floating down the river, building huts and tree houses. This is where I found my love for adventure, it shaped me like clay. I'm obsessed with summer, getting sand in my toes and probably a few other places if we're all honest. The smells are magic. These elements: adventure, summer and fashion, specifically my love for all things Jewellery, is how Sandy Days Jewellery was created. I dreamed it, so I couldn't live my waking days not making it happen. A dream that was birthed over ten years ago is finally coming to fruition with our little burgeoning site. And we couldn't be more excited.  

We all have a journey, i'm incredibly grateful that you are here with us at Sandy Days. I feel all kinds of blessed and grateful to walk out this dream and i'm excited to see you all live out your best life, seeing your dreams become a reality. I hope with these blogs that you will feel connected to us. We are real people who laugh, love, cry. We are so thankful for your love and support as we take Aotearoa by storm. The smallest mustard seed grows into the biggest tree. Sandy Days is our mustard seed, whats yours?   

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