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About Us


I'm Sarah, the Founder of Sandy Days Ltd. This journey has been a long one in the making. I'm someone who's always loved travel and going on spontaneous adventures. This love of adventure is where the idea of Sandy Days came from. It was at Padang Padang beach in Bali where I sat on the soft white sand wishing that every day was a Sandy Day. Every day was a day where I could be doing what I love and living my best life. Two of my passions - fashion and social change were then amalgamated. After getting married in 2017 I decided that dreams are made to be lived so Sandy Days was launched. 

I found the perfect way to feel amazing about looking good! By selling relevant and on trend fashion that supports skilled work and promotes Fair Trade. I never knew that fashion really could feel so good. It feels amazing to be able to provide a range of products that are handmade where the Artisans are paid a living wage. These woman all live in the remotest, disenfranchised villages and many often have to move away from their families to bigger cities in the hope of finding work. By purchasing one of our Hmong bags you are supporting these woman to stay in the safety of their villages with their families. You are supporting their children through schooling and ensuring they have adequate food and medical support for their livelihoods. The vast majority of our products are handmade from these woman, as discussed in each product description. The materials used are sourced from the Hmong, Karen, Akha and Lisu Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand and Vietnam. These beautiful Hill Tribe Woman are paid a high premium for their tribal inspired fabrics. Through economically sustainable pricing, we are bridging the gap between the artisans and the vast modern global economy.  

We also stock products from smaller independent brands that design and hand make the products. These are high quality, unique products that are skillfully created with flare and an incredibly high finishing standard. They come from boutique stores in Europe and the USA. What you're purchasing is not something that is mass produced in unsavory conditions. We promote sustainable fashion, not fast fashion. We know where our products come from and feel good knowing we're able to do our bit to make a difference. 

We are a New Zealand registered business. Join the Sandy Days family, live in vibrant colour and make every day a Sandy Day. 

xx Sarah xx