Handmade Leather Handbags

Every woman needs a fine crafted, handmade leather handbag in her life. Lighten the load you carry by choosing Sandy Days leather bags. We are so in love with our genuine leather handbags and we can’t wait to share them with you to experience the joy for yourself. Available in many classic styles and neutral colourways, Sandy Days handbags are designed for everyday use. High quality finishes including suede leather interiors, internal zipper pockets, and adjustable straps are just some of the features you will find upon our handmade leather handbags. Get ready to fall in love with the buttery softness and versatility of Sandy Days leather handbags.


Women’s Leather Handbags For Sale

Designer handbags in NZ by Sandy Days bring you affordable quality coupled with timeless luxury and style. We are so proud of our simple handbag designs, appealing to the minimalist and the funky fashionista within us all. You’ll be stroking your silky soft leather handbag all day long once you’ve felt the beauty of Sandy Days handbags for women. We understand that practicality needn’t mean compromising style when it comes to our handmade leather handbags. Sandy Days brings you beautiful leather bags that appeal to the everyday woman, we all love a good inner pocket and expressive outer style.

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We are so sure that we’ve created women’s leather handbags to suit just about anyone. Choose a style that matches your uniqueness and express yourself with our leather bags. Built from genuine leather and hardy materials, our leather handbags are made to last the test of time. Invest in yourself now and for the future when you buy handmade leather handbags from Sandy Days. We’ll be swinging along by your side in no time, let Sandy Days leather bags carry the weight of your world.

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