Handmade Leather Boots

At Sandy Days, we understand that not every day can be sandy. That’s why we are proud to offer our unique range of handmade leather boots to keep you wandering free, whatever the weather may be. Our leather boots come in a range of colours besides the staple brown and black renditions, each pair are individually tailored and custom made to suit your exact size. Choose from different heel heights, ankle rise, slip on or zip up, buckles and adornments or plain leather. Sandy Days offer you so much to choose from when you are exploring womens leather boots in NZ.


Genuine Leather Boots For Sale

The best leather boots custom made in New Zealand available from Sandy Days. Need we say more? Our genuine leather boots, each order made individually to suit your exact set of measurements, craft a luxury that is built to stand the test of time. Discover the quality of Sandy Days handmade boots today, you deserve it.

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We are so passionate about producing the ideal tailored boots to suit every woman and carry her through the years in timeless style and ultimate comfort. Sandy Days are proud to offer you our handmade leather boots available in New Zealand. Order direct from us to receive free shipping within New Zealand on all orders. Genuine leather boots do take a little extra time to make, but we are sure that you won’t mind too much once you receive your perfect pair of Sandy Days leather boots made to last.

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