Fair Trade & Social Change – Sandy Days

Fair Trade & Social Change

Sandy Days believes in and values fair pay, human rights and equal opportunities. 

Our unique artisanal brand appreciates the past while designing for the future. We produce collections that are inspired by tribal fashion, as well as vintage collections comprised of authentic fabrics from various hill tribes throughout Southeast Asia, including The Hmong, Karen, and Aka communities. Sourcing materials from the hill tribes comes from our passion for collaborating with these beautiful people, and preserving their ancestral techniques and designs. The fabrics used to make the bags are either made by hand in the hill tribes of Thailand, Laos and China (Yunan) or by machines (the embroidered patterns). 

The majority of our products are handmade from skilled Artisans in Payao (remote Hmong Tribal area) and Chang Mai, Thailand. Sandy Days partners with an organisation in Chang Mai, Thailand who facilitates all levels of manufacturing. All of the people involved in making our Hmong bags are paid at or above the Thai minimum wage. We value the beautiful work that our Artisans in Chiang Mai and in the Hill Tribes put into our products, so we work hard to ensure they’re receiving the payment and recognition they deserve. 

Through economically sustainable pricing, our manufacturing partner organisation is bridging the gap between the artisans and the vast modern global economy. The goal in doing this is to foster an environment where our Hill Tribe partners will flourish, become self-sustaining, and encourage growth and success for themselves, their families, and their local communities. 

Many of the products are made with organic hemp, cotton and canvas. Our products are produced with sustainability in mind. We endeavor to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Through our manufacturing partner we have a commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equality and Women's Economic Empowerment, and Freedom of Association. Our female artisans in Chiang Mai and in the Hill Tribes are able to provide for their communities because they work in Fair Fashion. Helping these women boost their communities is what fuels us.
A percentage of every Hmong bag goes towards a charity called Ethnic Lanna Helps. They focus on supporting the wellbeing of our remote Hill Tribe communities. These disenfranchised communities often do not receive any help or support from the government, and have few opportunities to improve their socio-economic status. Often discriminated against, the Hill Tribe people have limited opportunities for success. Ethnic Lanna Helps are able to provide the security and safety that is so often taken for granted. Please consider donating to Ethnic Lanna Helps so that we may help to provide Education and Infrastructure that our Artisan partners desperately need. The charity can be found at www.ethniclannahelps.com 

We also have Balinese Artisans who hand make some of our beautiful products. They are paid a high premium for their products they produce. We believe in supporting local Artisans and will always endeavor to do so.