• What is it and how does it work?

We know that there are no two feet the same, with a history of not being able to find comfortable shoes and sisters whose feet were too wide to be able to fit any NZ store shoes we realized it was about time for the option to custom adjust your footwear to suit your feet. 

Our custom fit allows people who have very wide, narrow, long or short feet the opportunity to fit nice shoes. We can adjust our footwear for arthritic feet, bunions, legs that have differing heights etc. 

Below we have attached some photographs showing you how to measure your feet. If you have vastly differing feet please provide both feet measurements. 

To opt for a custom pair of our footwear you just need to get your measurements and input them in the comment section when checking out. 

  • How to measure?

You can follow the measurement guide below to get the measurements. For the foot length what really helps to get the most accurate measurement is to place your foot on a piece of paper and trace around. You can then measure from the furthest part of the heel to the longest toe, this is your accurate foot length. 

If you cannot find the comment section or forget to input the measurements at checkout simply email us right away with your custom measurements.

  • How long does it take?

Custom footwear take 3-4 weeks to be handmade and delivered to you. 


Measurements we need for a custom fit:

Foot length, Bunion circumference, Arch width, Heel to arch (for boots only), Ankle circumference (for boots only).